Ideas to Celebrate Customer Service Week

Customer Service Week, typically celebrated at the beginning of October, is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and the people who support customers on a daily basis!

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What's Inside?

Customer Service Week (October 2-6) is a reminder for your organization to celebrate your customer success team.

Create memorable activities, recognize great work, and grow a culture of appreciation with these eight ideas to support your team.

Why Celebrate Customer Service Week?

Whether that's organizing client feedback, troubleshooting issues, and advocating for your product, your customer service team is your direct line to your audience.

And celebrating their hard work creates a positive, engaging culture that resonates beyond CS Week.

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Looking for more ideas?

Cooleaf helps brands achieve better business outcomes with powerful listening, actioning, and recognition tools to engage your team. We have a CS Week program to get everyone involved and cheering your first line on. Reach out to us here.

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