A team celebration that goes beyond "thank you"

Employee Appreciation Day is March 1st. Your team deserves a (virtual) pat on the back!


customer service representatives


Cooleaf made it easy for us to do the things we wanted to do in terms of motivating and recognizing the great work of our employees. Cooleaf saved us, really. We have been able to keep communicating, community building, and more during this time. We are SO happy that we have Cooleaf!

Linda Kricher
CHRO, Net Health

For us, it's all about the act of gratitude and appreciation for our team members. Cooleaf allows us to reward and recognize each other and to measure how our employees are responding to the values.

Jennifer Franklin
Employee Engagement Manager, American Auto Shield

Over the course of a few years, we've been able to successfully ramp and and scale our efforts to engage, recognize, reward, and bring together our team under a singular platform. We would have never been able to achieve such positive momentum and results without Cooleaf's strong partnership.

Shrestha Taylor
VP of Human Resources, Ciox Health

Employee Appreciation is Powerful.

With Cooleaf's Employee Appreciation Day experience, put the power of recognition at your fingertips!

Celebrate, recognize, and reward your team with unique events, experiences, and gifts, exclusively on Cooleaf.

Employee being recognized for customer service

Spotlight your team's achievements with public recognitions!

With Cooleaf, anyone in your organization can recognize a teammate for lending a helping hand, demonstrating core values, or hitting a goal.

Enable managers to send meaningful gifts to their teams and offer public recognitions.

No matter where your team may be located, they'll feel celebrated, appreciated, and connected.

Team recognition
Cooleaf rewards catalog

Let employees "shop" from your customized gift catalog

Customize your rewards with Cooleaf's catalog featuring gift cards and merchandise from top brands across the globe.

Employees can browse thousands of custom options including charity donations, company swag, meal delivery, and unique experiences to pick what’s right for them.

Inspire your team with virtual activities and competitions

Cooleaf's expert team of program managers will help plan and execute virtual events that align with your goals!

Custom step challenges, Peer Recognition Challenges, and Innovation Challenges enable your employees to sign in and just enjoy – we'll handle the heavy lifting!

Cooleaf activities and challenges

Try Cooleaf and show your employees why they matter.

Looking for more ideas?

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