Employee Wellbeing Checklist

We all know that a happy, healthy workplace is a productive workplace. But sometimes it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to promoting employee wellbeing.

This Employee Wellbeing Checklist is a helpful guide to promote wellbeing in the workplace.

This checklist will help you:

-Assess your company's current state of employee wellbeing

-Identify areas of improvement

-Take actionable steps toward achieving a healthy workplace culture

What is employee wellbeing?

Employee wellbeing is about improving the quality of life for everyone who works for your company. It’s about helping them to feel good about themselves, their work, and the relationships with others around them. 

We've put together this Employee Wellbeing Checklist to help you get started on the path toward employee wellbeing in the workplace. It's not meant to be exhaustive or set in stone—it's just a guide for you as you think about how you can support your team members' well-being in their work environment!